We’re part of a team that has performed more than 1 million pet services. See how we’re working to raise the standard of pet loss care.


The heart of our business is our people, from the drivers who visit you every week to the crematory staff who work behind the scenes. To help them give you the best possible service we’re investing in everything from vehicles to uniforms. We’re also investing in training for all our people to make sure we’re consistently at our best for every pet, every day.


Our service centers are powered by the most advanced technology available, both for the cremation itself and to protect the peace-of-mind of our clients.

Compassion & Remembrance

We help families celebrate and remember the unique love of their cherished companions, even as they say goodbye. We offer a wide selection of memorial products, but we also know our most important mission is to treat every pet with the dignity and respect a family member deserves.

Knowledge is Power

For your clients one of the most critical questions is "where is my pet now?" Our tracking system gives you that answer. From your vet portal you can see exactly what is happening with every pet you place with us, from pickup all the way to delivery. If you choose, we can even notify pet owners via text or email as we move through the process, so your staff can focus on more pressing needs.